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Medicaid application Form: What You Should Know

To find out if you're on Medicaid, go here. Individuals who are Eligible for Medicaid may also want to check this document. If you'd prefer an application form, you can download one here. If you cannot make a long list visit to the main Medicaid and CHIP site, you can also call the 1-800 toll-free helpline and the Texas Medicaid Help Line. This is a State-run application for health insurance assistance. Individuals and families will be sent the forms, which they can follow with another phone call or visit to the site to complete. The application provides for the purchase of insurance coverage only, not a range of medical services not covered by the insurance policy, such as physicals, medical treatment, hospitalization or dental coverage. Applicants will also need to complete a medical exam, which includes medical history, including diagnosis of all the following: Obesity — with or without type 2 diabetes History of depression and/or anxiety disorders HIV or AIDS and/or hepatitis infection History of cancer History of any other serious medical condition (including conditions listed above but not including conditions for which medical insurance coverage is not available) that is likely to cause death in 6 months or that is not curable by medical care, or that is likely to result in death within 6 months An application must include a personal statement. An application may be used by individuals and their families and be used at the time the application is made, by a person applying for benefits at the time of enrollment, as an additional benefit or as a claim for payment. Health Coverage This web form will be checked daily for updates. People must apply daily or as frequently as needed by applying every three months. Individuals and families who need help applying or completing the application can contact the state agency responsible for making the determination. You can check the status of your application at this page. People may need to make changes to the information in the application. Texas Health & Human Services Commission Medicaid & CHIP This web form is only for people who are applying for Medicaid or CHIP. To find out if you are eligible or how to apply, you should call. If you do not have coverage, you may use the . You can find your plan by logging in to Healthcare.gov. You can also use Mylar.Texas.gov to find your doctor, or HealthSource Texas to find hospitals in your area.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Medicaid application form

Instructions and Help about Medicaid application form

We will now continue on with this audiovisual piece. The second application is important because it provides us with all the resource information required for a chronic care case. In order to determine full financial eligibility, sections a through f must be completed by or for chronic care applicants. It must be signed and dated at the end on page six. Here, put down the full legal name of the person who needs our financial medical assistance, last name first name middle initial, their social security number, and their marital status. The following questions can be answered by checking the yes or no, whichever one applies. On page one, is the person named in Section A above chronically ill? Some examples of chronically ill would be someone who has been unable to work for at least 12 months because of illness or injury, or having an illness or disabling impairment that has lasted or is expected to last for more than 12 months. Is the person named in Section A above certified blind by the Commission for the blind and visually handicapped? If yes, you must provide proof. If the person named in Section A above is disabled and working, is he or she interested in applying for the Medicaid buying program for working people with disabilities? This offers Medicaid coverage to people who are disabled, working, and at least 16 years old but not yet 65 years old. On page 1, see if the person named in Section A above is living in an adult home or assisted living facility. Please check yes or no. On page two, check the applicable resource and assets option. We need to clarify exactly what type of medical care you have currently or are seeking coverage for. There are three different levels, so please read each choice carefully. The first...