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How do I find out which CMS is used to build a website?
If you use Chrome, Chrome Sniffer does a pretty fine job trying to guess what CMS and libraries are used based on what it finds on the website's front-end.
How do I create a unique e-commerce CMS? I am developing an e-commerce CMS for my master project, but couldn't find out what unique thing I can include in it. Is there anything that helps me to create a unique and small CMS?
It is an interesting question. I’d suggest approaching it not from the engineering perspective but from the end-users• needs.The best approach would be to focus in on an industry, survey professionals about their needs, do interviews to take it further, and then find what their unique needs are.For example, if you chose my industry- home improvement- and asked pros what they needed (or even asked marketing pros like me that serve the home pros), what you might hear is that existing CMSs are not integrating with other platforms, so there tends to be a lot of time to upload project photos to all of the platforms individually.Then, you could develop a CMS that resolves that issue- one that has a central image uploading interface that then can be pushed to the website, to one’s Houzz profile, to directory profiles and professional listings (including Google MyBusiness), and to social channels.That is just an example, and I don’t know if the APIs would allow it, but it shows you the thought process involved. Start with the problem (as it is your opportunity) and pra solution for it.
What Governance is expected from any state govt when women citizens are molested and thrown out to die without help? How does AAP of Arvind Kejriwal and BJP govt of Mr. Narendra Modi and his CMs compares in dealing with criminal incidents on its citizens?
Its all about having better families and through that better societies and through it better nations.Its not about governanace rather we should look at some long term solutions that makes better families
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