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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Cms 855i pecos

Instructions and Help about Cms 855i pecos

This video will guide users through the process of requesting to work on behalf of an individual provider and that provider accepting the request in this example Barbara Smith as the authorized official for Smith Medical Center signs in to submit a request to dr. Anne Wright to work on her behalf please note only users identified as an authorized official or delegated official and bi and a system may request to work on behalf of the provider on the homepage and the top box barbara sees that there are no pending requests from providers asking smith medical center to act as a surrogate for them in the bottom box it also show that there are no pending requests from anyone else to work on behalf of Smith Medical Center to begin the request process Barbara clicks on ad connection on the my connections page Barbara can view the status of all connections for Smith Medical Center since Barbara's initiating a new connection to work on behalf of the provider she clicks the add provider button Barbara then searches for doctor and write by entering her NPI Barbara verifies that Android is the correct provider based on the information shown Barbara then selects the system's she would like approval from and right to access in this example barbara select spacious and EHR Incentive program and continues on this final screen barbara has asked to verify and submit her request to work on behalf of dr. Anne Wright next Barbara receives confirmation of the request that was sent to dr. and write along with the details of their requests Barbara and dr. Wright will both receive emails with the details of their requests note the generate individual serve to see confirmation is not required this is an optional form that will allow the provider to complete their approval of the connection without logging in this method is not recommended as it will take time for CMS to manually validate and process this information and should only be used when there are technical difficulties preventing the provider from logging in and approving the request if needed you may access this form in the future for any pending connections under the my connections tab barbara clicks done to continue when the connection request is complete Barbara's returns to the my connections page which will now show the new pending or Quest's to doctor and right at this time there is no further action required by Barbara and she may log out of the system during the previous step we saw Barbara request to work on behalf of the provider doctor and right during that process the system sent dr. write an email with the request for sniff medical center to work on her behalf in that email is a link that will take dr. right directly to the eye and a home page where she may login and to prove my request we will now sign it as dr. right to view.

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