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How often should I change my car to minimize the total cost of ownership?
For lowest total cost of ownership, NEVER replace your car.With regular maintenance using quality parts and lubricants, a modern vehicle should easily last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles (500,000 - 800,000 km). Yes, that long. 150,000 miles is chump change and such a vehicle is nowhere near “worn out.”Side note: If you can spend $20,000 on a new vehicle that only lasts 150,000 miles, or $30,000 on a new vehicle with will last in excess of 300,000 miles, which is the better deal?After that time, you may find that the engine and transmission have experienced sufficient wear that repair or replacement is necessary. Unless you are in a region that uses salt to deice the roads in the winter, a well-cared for vehicle will show little signs of body damage, though the paint may be starting to fade. (Actually, it’s the clear coat that goes first.)Even though these major repairs will likely exceed the resale value of the vehicle, the cost of repair will be far lower than the cost of a newer vehicle that is able to go another 300–500,000 miles, which this one will do after repair. If you aren’t planning to replace the vehicle, its resale value is completely irrelevant.So put in a new engine and transmission, slap on a fresh coat of paint, and enjoy another half-million miles for less than $10,000.There will be a point at which, unless it is a common collectible vehicle, where replacement parts are no longer available. If you do not have the facility to reproduce these parts yourself, and suitable replacements are unavailable from the used parts market (junkyards), then it’s time to replace the vehicle.(For our international audience, “chump change” is an American colloquialism that means “an insignificant amount.”)P.S. - you may end up with a very unattractive car, but it will be incredibly cheap to own and maintain!
How does the cost of fractional ownership of a G-5 through NetJets compare to outright ownership?
This isn’t a simple decision and, given the amount of money involved, it’s as important as it is complex. The less expensive option is not always the best choice. To properly evaluate cost, you should look at utilization and your unique needs. At full utilization, full ownership is always the lowest, when looked at on a per hour basis with total costs per hour for a GV coming in at around $2827.71 base on one published report, using $4.50/gallon and 350 gallons per hour, which is probably low by 100/gallons per hour. Adjusted to 450gph average that would be $3277.71/hr  With a fractional provider, you always pay more for aircraft availability, advanced flight operations, training, and all the other bells and whistles. You've also got management or hourly operational  fees, not to mention fuel surcharges, catering, onboard phone bills or a  variety of other add-ons. I'm not familiar with what NetJets is charging right now, but it's a multiple of the base operational cost compared with straight charter rates coming in on the high end  at $7500 - $8500 per hour before positioning, fuel surcharges, taxes and other expenses.Some persons may find fractional more attractive due to the tax benefits, the amount of depreciation can be  deducted from your taxes each year. The jet depreciates in value at an  accelerated rate for the first five years of ownership, between 10 and  30 percent per year. This amount is later taxed, as recapture of  depreciation, when you sell the jet. The benefit lies in the fact that  you can gain interest on the amount of depreciation while you own the  jet.Those who fly charter do not gain the benefit of deducting the  depreciation amount. However, they can deduct the entire cost of a  flight as a business expense, if applicable. For those that fly fewer  hours per year, the cost-per-hour of chartering flight is much cheaper  than owning a share in a jet.  In short, there are no set rules that can determine whether GV  ownership or fractional is best. When you add up all the costs and the substantial portion of the purchase price that you  don’t recoup when you sell out, most people say fractional  shares represent one of the most expensive ways to fly privately.
Is Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage covering the cost of your biologics? How much do you pay out of pocket?
Original medicare does not cover prescriptions. They are covered under medicare part D. Medicare advantage plans generally include Medicare part D. They cover biologics but at the worst rate. Generally you will go in to the “donut hole” in the first month and depending on the drug may come out of the “donut hole” that same month or the next month or two. Now here comes the trick. Since the co-pay is so high, most retired people cannot afford the drugs even with insurance and co-pay assistance is not automatic for people on medicare or medicaid but you can apply for assistance. You have to show evidence that you cannot afford the drugs and you do have Medicare part D or an advantage plan with a drug benefit. The drug company will collect directly from the government the money that they would pay for your prescription and by mailing the drug directly to you, keep the pharmacy’s part of your drug cost for themselves. They actually keep more for themselves than what they would get if they refused to help with your co-pay.
How much does it cost to fill out a swimming pool?
The average price of water in the United States is about $1.50 for 1,000 gallons. The water required for a pool is in between 15000 gallons to 25000 gallons, you can do the maths now. One important thing is that ask your pool construction company that, is it ok to fill up water continuously or not. They can suggest you in a better way.
What costs of home ownership replace renting and how can I figure out how much of my rent should be replaced with the base mortgage to have the total cost of owning be approximately my current rent?
The costs of home ownership can't really be lumped into a monthly payment.You likely will have taxes added and possibly PMI if your downpayment is less that 20%. The rest just• depends.There's HOA costs. And if an HOA, what maintenance do they care for that you don't have to pay for? Pest? Roof maintenance? Yard? Exterior siding? Gym? None?If none, you need to consider the cost of all the above. Unlikely they are going to hit you at once. A roof might last 20 years or only 5 depending its current condition or other natural forces. You have to be prepared to cover that cost. And pretty much any other repair in the house. Dishwasher, leaking pumping, fridge, water heater, HVAC…That's on top of the cost of utilities for a house if you are accustomed to the same costs for an apartment.There simply isn't a whole number that you can get unless you know exactly what house you will buy and in what condition. Aim for the lowest payment possible for you and look for homes that are NOT “fixer-uppers". You may want to consider a home warranty on top of regular homeowners insurance, especially in the first year while you get settled and familiarized with your new home. Sometimes a home warranty can be negotiated with the sellers to pay, depending on your market.Good luck!
How do the ownership costs of a Porsche Cayman compare to a BMW 3 series?
Thanks to KBB.com, this is easy to find out.2022 Cayman SFair price: $60,0935 year cost to own: $79,1062022 BMW M3Fair price: $58,8635 year cost to own: $82,919I tried to compare two vehicles with roughly the same MSRP.Visit http://www.kbb.com/new-cars/tota... to pull your own numbers.
Why are the salaries in Toronto and Vancouver out-of-sync when compared to the cost of living and cost of home ownership?
Historically, Vancouver housing was not nearly so expensive as it is today because real estate values and salaries were reasonably balanced, When a new car cost several thousand dollars, a good house within the city limits would cost about ten times that. My summer job a the end of second-year university netted me an industrial wage: $410 a month (almost exactly what a year’s tuition at UBC was in the mid-60s). Flash forward: a decent car (no Ferrari, mind you) can cost as much as $40,000, but a modest house on the West side, in Kerrisdale or Dunbar, will be around $2 million. But wages in Vancouver do not exist in those proportions because housing prices are being determined by extraneous factors, namely capital coming from offshore. Demand has driven up prices in Vancouver, whereas interior communities such as Golden and Nelson have maintained more reasonable housing prices because offshore capital is not a factor there.
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